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Scientific activity

Scientific works

The work on the theme K11-015 “Assessment of patology of reproductive system of Functions with ecologic Factors in the Pre-Aral” was organized at the department on the grant, due to it, women and girls were examined in Local and Foreign magazines. The head of the department d.m.s.,professor O.A.Ataniyazova published methodic training aids on “Reproductive health”

Scientific activity

Scientific degrees

Scientific activity

Methodic traning aids

Scientific activity

Students scientific societed

There are many scientific societies on each subject at the department. “Healthy mother-healthy child”, “Young gynecologists”, “Healthy Family”, “Researcher gynecologists”, “Children are generation of life” societies give students possibility to work on their interest.
Each society has 6 and more active students. Seminar trainings were held on obstetrics, gynecology, reproductive health.
Participants of the society:
Askarova.J 4th year of student of Treatment matter;
Nurimbetova.U 4th year of student of Pediatric case;
Tajimuratova.B 5th year of student of Treatment matter;
Adizov.S 5th year of student of Treatment matter;
Omirzakov.D 5th year of student of Treatment matter.

Provision of books at the department

* The department is provided with 100% books.
* The department has modern literature.
* Bank lektures are done.
* There are electronic forms of aids.

The department ofObstetrics, gynecology and neonatology 2015y.
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